Designing the look and décor of the media pieces in your home can be a wonderful experience in creativity. In this video, Laurie Furber, Senior Vice President at Catalog and Internet shares a few tips about arranging media gadgets at home.

Laurie suggests using vintage furniture items for placing high-tech gadgets. The selections from Pottery Barn include the vintage-looking Andover cabinets; the Asian-inspired Tao design furniture pieces which can make your media make a style statement and highly organized. According to Laurie, combining high-tech gadgets with vintage furniture makes for an attractive contrast and compelling décor. Laurie also suggests using cabinets that have open and closed shelves like the Logan furniture collection so that all the components of the home media can be organized well.

Laurie believes that media pieces are integral items of the modern day household and it is a great idea to arrange and organize them in the most beautiful way. The collection of cabinets and vintage furniture items listed in the video are some of the most stylish and easy ways of making your home media look attractive.

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