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Anthony Carboni, legendary indie games provocateur and host of the not quite yet legendary New Challenger, loves iPhone camera lenses. He’s bought almost every smartphone lens on Photojojo. Watch the video to see how the iPhone 2x telephoto, iPhone 8x telephoto, Olloclip and the legendary $249 iPhone SLR adapter hold up under testing!

Also, Photojojo’s founder, Amit Gupta was diagnosed with acute leukemia – he’s looking for bone marrow donors!

Watch Anthony on New Challenger:

Veronica Belmont was this week’s guest on New Challenger! Watch her and Anthony play Uncharted 3 here:

Full Episode’s Stories Include:
*Nook Tablet, Google+ Adds Places, Things and Brands. Disney Partners with YouTube
*What’s Slowing My Computer Down???
*Uninterruptible Power Supply Help!
*Why Does Tekzilla Have a 2×4 on Set?
*Crashplan Backs Up Between PCs for Free
*Product Testing vs. Product Reviewing
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